Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kinder Eggs and Sasquatch

I wanted to share some things that my buddy Jonesy sent me recently. I recently checked out his blog and he had made the neatest little Sasquatch plush and I just had to have it for my little soon to be nephew. So, Jonesy was nice enough to make one for me and sent it over. Not only did he send that but he sent me KINDER EGGS and some really cool badges!! You can't imagine how excited I was opening up this box of goodies.


I honestly was a bit upset that I hadn't said anything to you about sending Kinder Eggs. But it was so awesome of you to remember that I loves them and it sucks that we can't get them out here in the U.S...
But thank you so much, I feel like my package was lame compared to yours.The eggs were a bit squishy but after an hour in the fridge they were edible again! I do love everything though, it made my day. I'm going to put the Sasquatch in the crib with baby Jensen and your badges are so cool, you def have to make more!

<3 Me

Now time to educate some of my fellow americans on how awesome Kinder Eggs are. First I will post a link from wikipedia that will FULLY educate you.

Really they're the greatest invention for kids. Not only do you get an awesome chocolaty treat, but you get a toy on the inside. Friggin' BRILLIANT! So, I think America doesn't sell them b/c they're a potential choking hazard for kids? I guess the president (or American candy lord)  knew that we aren't much for watching our children out here...
When I was a child we lived in Germany for about 8 yrs. My father was stationed in Frankfurt and it was a pretty neat experience for me as a child. Now, since I was young while I was out there. The things you remember and love the most are the things that appealed to me at that age. Like the candy for instance, I remember kinder eggs more than any of them. Cracking open that chocolate egg and stuffing it in my face. Racing to see what was in the tiny little yellow mystery shell. My siblings and I couldn't get to the center fast enough.

Well, now I'll share some photos of this lovely box that came in the mail. And a link to Jonesy's shop (he's super talented check it out) and his blog!

Opening the package..


Supah Coo Badges!

Kinder Eggs! I've never seen them  in a box before..

We used to get them individually, like this..

Ohh, what's in here??

A cool jellyfish guy, that's what.

And my brother opened this guy..

I may post pics of other cooler ones later :]


  1. that is flippin amazing, jonesy is so awesome!

  2. glad you liked it, had to send you kinder eggs, it was just a matter of if i could resist eating 'em myself ;)

    got your package yesterday, it was awesome :) gunna post pics soon as blogger stops messin with me