Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation Wedding Shoezies

Good news everyone! I've found the perfect pair of shoes to wear for my wedding!
But wait...what's this? Oh, they're only 1,000 smack-a-roos? Pshhhh, chump change.
(Actually what really happened was I about choked on my tea and nearly killed over).  Cheese N Rice that's A LOT for a pair of shoes..but they're soooo friggin' cute.

Aren't they beeeaaautimus?

Okay, so I know some of you are prob thinking 'wow, that's tacky as crap'. But if you knew me then you'd know the sparklier the better. Granted I want my dress to look stylish yet elegant, but my shoes have got to say POW (as well as my butt, but we'll talk about that later).
So, I have officially declared it crafty-loo project time!
I am on a mission to make a similar pair to these sweet little beauties and I need your help.
All my crafty friends, I need your advice. How should I go about doing this? Glue the rhinestones or sew them? Perhaps both?
I have ideas, but the more feedback I get the easier this project may actually be.

So stay tuned while I throw in random posts on my progress and whether or not I decide to give up and set them on fire. Either way it'd make for a fun post.  :)

Thanks Guys! <3

P.S. Here's the etsy link, just in case you want to buy them or see more pics!


  1. Those are great!!!! I have no idea on how to go about making them but I really hope you figure it out bec they are just beautiful!

  2. Glue, if you try to sew them you'll end up in tears throwing them out the window.
    There's some stuff called shoe goo, it's glue made for shoes so it'll be strong enough to hold the little suckers on.

  3. Yep- shoe goo or another very strong glue (I sometimes use wood glue, the kind you put on both and leave till tacky). I would use a similar colour shoe (or paint it) and then mix metallic paint with glitter to cover any gaps in the 'crazy paving' effect. Use a variety of sizes of stone, too (not only a better effect but less frustrating than rows of small stones).

    Post it up when finished!