Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monster swap

I joined a swap sometime last month and I just sent out my items today. My partner on the otherhand sent hers last week. Hopefully she'll like my stuff so much that she doesn't care.

Anywho ~ The theme was monsters. We were supposed to make one large monster and 2 smaller ones (I think). I posted pictures for ya.


  1. they're wicked cool, how d'ya make the green one?

  2. I'm assuming you mean the hairs? I rolled up some clay into a thin line and cut them evenly. Took a pointy tool and squished the end of one and pressed it on the monster. Started from the bottom in a circular motion all the way up.

    Yes, it was very time consuming,lol.

  3. sounds it! worth it though, came out great :)

  4. I luv ur crafty posts and I nominated you for an award