Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I previously had a blog about a cartoonist that contacted me. He created and drew up a character and asked me to bring it to life in plushie form. I was very honored and nervous to do this project and alas, I am finally finished. Woo-hoo!!

Yes, I know it took me quite some time. I had to wait almost 2 weeks for the material to come into the mail and then I got premoted to full time at my job. I feel like I work all the time now and when I get home, I just want to be lazy. Having more money coming in is great, but I do miss spending most of my time creating things.

So, there may be a possibility you wont see too much from me in the next couple of months, but I promise that I will try.... For my sanity's sake. 

Anyway~ Here's some pics of the little guy that I made. Let me know what ya think.

I do realize that it isn't exactly like the picture, but I did what I could...


  1. Did what you could? SO modest! It looks amazing!Excellent work!

  2. I absolutely love this!!! Don't be modest. It's brilliant!

  3. holy crap! thats amazing work, you make me sick lady :P

  4. Thanks so much guys! I just got feedback from the guy who requested it and he loves it. So, I'm feeling supah happy and accomplished.