Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheap Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Items you will need:

Wreath, Black spray paint (glossy or flat), Spanish Moss, fake birdie, Haunted sign of your choosing, and hot glue gun.

(Everything I bought was either at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store and it all cost me less than $15)

First step: You will need to spray paint your wreath black. Put it on old cardboard box and spray away. Leave to dry for a few hours and spray the back. Continue doing this till it looks the way you like.

Second step: After it's nice and dry you can start decorating it. Take your Spanish Moss & separate it a bit so it's not a big clump. You will then hot glue the Moss to the bottom portion of your wreath.

It should look something like this..


Third step: Take your fake Birdie (Dollar Tree) and either Glue him to the moss or this particular one comes with wires on the bottom of his feet, so you can just wrap that wire around a few stick pieces of the wreath. (I did both to ensure it would stay.)

It will look something like this..

Fourth Step: Hobby Lobby has a bunch of cute Haunted type signs that say cute things like Spooky or Beware, but you can find these almost anywhere. What I did with this particular sign I had to cut the back ribbon so I could slip it through the wreath. I then slipped it back through the hole of the sign and used hot glue to hold it. You can also hot glue portions of the sign to the wreath to ensure extra hold.

Now, you may have to play with it a bit to get it exactly the way you want it. Just constantly go back and forth to make sure it's even before you start hot gluing anything.

After you're done with the sign you're finished! You can also add little spiders and glue them around or use thin pieces of fake spider web to add on the sides. It's entirely up to you. I left it like this because I feel the simplicity of it makes it eerie enough. The end result should look similar to this..

(first one I made)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that the instructions weren't confusing. Ask me questions if you need any help.

Thanks Again and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


  1. gunna see if i can find me a wreath to try this out

  2. I LOVE your tutorial! THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. Very nice! I love October-themed wreaths.

  4. love it! i make those too.:)