Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Goodies for the Kids

One of the many things I look forward to during Halloween is making goodie bags or baskets for kids. This year I put together a little something for my fiance's niece and nephew.

I got the buckets,chap stick,glow sticks, and vampire teeth from Target and the candy from walmart or the dollar tree. And I got the cute skeleton finger crayons from this ladies shop BlakesCrayons

I tried to make them all pretty but I had to keep telling myself...'they're kids...they'll tear it apart in minutes.' And that they did.  : )


  1. such a cool idea, think i'll do summink like this for my niece and nephew next year (if i remember)

  2. Awesome! I'll bet you give the neighborhood kids amazing little treat bags too! That reminds me that I've not done anything for my niece for Halloween! Yikes!